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Aero Saber Skirts


Aero Saber Skirts

Fast Payback! Save $2,700 per year when you add Aero Saber skirts!
Silver Eagle Aero Saber trailer aerodynamics are EPA SmartWay verified as an advanced trailer skirt and are known to cut fuel consumption by at least 5.7%. You'll keep more of your hard-earned cash and could save $40,500 in fuel costs over the life of your trailer when you add Silver Eagle Aero Saber today.

SmartWay verified to comply with stringent California legislation
Plus, by adding these skirts, your 53-ft trailer carrying goods into California complies with stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) legislation that took effect January 2010. CARB legislation requires all 53-foot van trailers operating in California to include 5% fuel savings devices by Jan. 1, 2013, regardless of model year. Here are the CARB requirements.

Win-Win! Aerodynamics for fuel savings and higher clearance for easier driving
Silver Eagle offers the highest ground clearance compared to all other SmartWay verified technologies - 18" of ground clearance (8 inches of unobstructed and 10 inches of flexible material). Never be concerned about steep ramps or road obstacles because Silver Eagle Aero Saber skirts won't come in contact with them.

Good for your wallet, good for the environment, too!
Not only does the Silver Eagle Aero Saber increase your tractor/trailer fuel efficiency, it also is good for our environment. It's constructed of 90% recycled materials – aluminum and steel. And is 100% recyclable at the end of its usable lifetime.

Use on refrigerated trailers and intermodals, too
Drive a refrigerated trailer or haul a trailer that also is also transported intermodally? No problem — Silver Eagle can help you with both situations. Simply specify a refrigeration package or intermodal package when ordering.

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Aero Saber Skirts Aero Saber Skirts
Wall design is flexible enough to move when it
contacts objects in its way.
Maintenance and border crossings are easy, thanks
to the high ground clearance of all Silver Eagle
Aero Products.
Aero Saber Skirts Aero Saber Skirts
If you utilize intermodal in your trucking model,
Aero Saber skirts can accommodate.
Need to outfit your refrigerated trailer? Aero Saber accommodates with a modification template included
in the installation kit.
Aero Saber Skirts
Hinged lead out panel assures easy access to
underside of trailer for fast adjustments.

Fuel Efficiency Verification: 5.7%
Number of Panels: 6
Skirt Length: 341 in (866 cm)
Height: 36.5 in (92.7 cm)
Outer Panel Thickness: .063 in (.2 cm)
Weight: 390 lbs (176 kg) per set
Panel Material: Aluminum with corrosion resistant coating
Color: White
Ground Clearance: 18” (25.4 cm) — 10 inches flexible rubber, 8 inches unobstructed on a fully laden trailer
Installation: Approximately 4 hours

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