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To develop our aerodynamic technology, Silver Eagle first considered the ergonomics between the tractor and trailer and its expected workload. Our research caused us to develop a rigid, shorter aero skirt, because we know drivers need under-truck clearance to avoid common road obstacles like curbs, steep loading ramps and snow drifts.

We employed wind tunnel, fleet testing and track testing to establish and refine our aerodynamics modeling. To receive our SmartWay Certification, we participated in SAE Type II testing. We also tested our product for endurance and stability, to assure longevity and durability.

Among the hallmarks of the Aero Saber design are:
  • A pointed edge technology that prevents “upwash” drag to improve fuel mileage.
  • Modularity, to assure fit and function on your trailer
  • Both rigid and flexible construction, to maintain a professional appearance
Rest assured, when you add Aero Saber skirts to your trailer, you’re getting the latest in aerodynamic technology.

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