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SECURITY: RapidWALL Mobile Barrier

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RapidWALL Mobile Barrier

More than just a barrier, the Silver Eagle RapidWall mobile barrier offers fast, effective protection for responders and the public. The RapidWall is deployed directly from its own SUV-transportable trailer, erecting a 44.6’ wide x 10.8’ high full-protection blockade in just 2 minutes, using two personnel.
  • Secure areas as large as 44’ wide and 10.8’ high.
  • Block an entire downtown street without large gaps of holes
  • Perfect for securing crime scenes or guiding crowds
  • Multiple configurations can be used to meet crowd control or screening needs
  • Viewing windows allow determination of threat level
  • Constructed of solid steel barrier skin for rigidity and durability
Multiple features available:
  • Optional run flat tires
  • Optional anti-scaling walls protect your team in emergency situations
  • Light packages and signage options available
Engineered to give head-to-toe protection and deploy faster than standard fencing or plastic barriers, the Silver Eagle RapidWall Mobile Barrier creates a 44.6’ wide x 10.2’ high (8.2 feet without anti-scaling walls) full-protection blockade that can be deployed directly from the trailer that transports it.

The RapidWall allows police and security departments to free up cars and officers, conserving labor costs and equipment whenever emergencies or events need crowd control. It’s the perfect first line of defense for tactical teams, police, sheriffs, emergency responders, riot control, National Guard, Homeland Security and event promoters.

Rapid Response — Deploys in just 2 minutes directly from the trailer that transports it. Transport it, unfold it and begin crowd control or scene management operations immediately.

Complete Protection — Unlike fences, standards and other makeshift crowd barriers, the Silver Eagle RapidWall mobile barrier is engineered to give immediate head-to-toe protection, with minimal set-up effort.
  • Secure areas as large as 44.6’ wide by 10.2’ high
  • Blockade an entire downtown street
  • No large gaps or holes
  • Ballistics protection is available
  • Anti-scaling devices fold out
  • Join multiple units to increase barrier width
Save Labor and Resources - Conserve labor, equipment and cars, whenever emergencies and events need crowd control.
  • No long set up times. Deploys in 2 minutes utilizing two people
  • No overtime necessary. Manpower and cars can be diverted to areas of highest need
  • No need to bring in fencing or barricade vendors to erect blockades
  • A “green” alternative — reduce gas costs and fumes by not idling cars in blockades
Keep Your Team Safe — Full features include:
  • Viewing windows for crowd control
  • Solid barrier skin for rigidity and durability
  • Can be equipped with run flat tires and anti-scaling overhangs for emergency situations;
  • Light packages available
Completely Contained — Barrier transports, deploys and stores all on a single SUV-transportable trailer – no need to rent additional storage units of load additional trailers.

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See the RapidWALL on The FEMA Responder Knowledge Base web site.

Mobile Crowd Barrier

Without Anti-Scaling Panels
Curb Weight 3,950 lbs (1,791 kg)
Tongue Weight 590 lb ( 267 kg)
With Anti-Scaling Panels
Curb Weight 5,370 lbs (2,435 kg)
Tongue Weight 640 lb ( 290 kg)
MAXIMUM PAYLOAD: 800 lbs (362 kg)
Side doors have 9" (228mm) ground clearance, Clears standard 6" (152mm) curb.
Overall Height 10.8 ft, 130 inches (3,300 mm) with anti-scaling.
Overall Height 8.2 ft, 99 inches (3,030 mm) without anti-scaling.
Overall Width 7.8 ft, 94.5 inches (2,400 mm) with doors closed
Overall Length 20.0 ft, 240 inches (6,096 mm)
Deck Height 22 inches (560 mm)
Track Width 69.5 inches (2020 mm)
Ball Height 18.5 inches (470 mm)
Maximum Width / Side Doors Deployed 44.6 ft, 531.5 inches (13,600 mm)
  • Viewing Portals doors
  • Fold down rear door
  • Wheels: 16" (406 mm) 8 lug
  • 12V electrical system, LED lamps
  • Stabilizer legs
  • Steel Welded base frame
  • Top and front cover
  • Self storing fold out doors
  • Fully enclosed when towing
  • Tires: 235/85 R16 - run flats optional
  • Safety lighting
  • Torsoelastic type with trailing arm
  • All imperial fasteners and metal sizes
  • Optional: Anti-Scaling Panels

  • Mobile Crowd Barrier