Silver Eagle designs, manufactures and markets several lines of truck and trailer products that lead the transportation industry in performance and dependability. Many of the company’s past innovations have become standard practice in the industry, and its emphasis on quality has earned it a solid reputation for producing safe, hard working products that its customers can rely on to lower operational costs and risks.

Silver Eagle is North America’s leading manufacturer of on-highway converter dollies for the heavy trucking industry. Many of the world’s most highly respected class 8 fleets, like UPS and Sysco, utilize Silver Eagle’s Eagle VA dolly as their prime specification.



ali a. saalabian

chief operating officer

Vertical integration manufacturing through lean principles

Skilled based paid production employees who are empowered to take the design solution into quick fabrication and prototype

THe silver eagle business approach:
To be the total solution provider

Silver Eagle Manufacturing delivers reliable performance and quality products. Our goal is to be a trusted business partner to our customer. We provide smart, high-value, engineering driven product solutions geared to specific vehicle or trailer applications. All are backed by strong customer service support.

SILVER EAGLE's Workforce

Silver Eagle’s highly skilled workforce is dedicated to ensuring that quality is always built into every product. Silver Eagle Manufacturing Company is an equal employment and affirmative action employer.

our history

Silver Eagle Manufacturing Company started in 1936, when founder Julius Gaussoin developed and manufactured a full front trailer suspension unit to deploy in his own trucking fleet.

Until 1969, the trucking and manufacturing operations were contained within one company. In 1969, they split into Silver Eagle Company (trucking) and Silver Eagle Manufacturing Company, under a common parent, Silver Eagle Industries. Manufacturing had become more than a sidebar activity, and room was needed to let it grow. However, linking the companies under a common parent allowed Manufacturing to keep close ties to its primary customer: the trucking industry.

engineered transportation solutions used behind the prime mover

By 1997, Silver Eagle Manufacturing Company had grown considerably, and it had a new major customer: the United States military. Recognizing this growth and change in customer composition, the trucking and manufacturing companies split entirely. The split allowed Silver Eagle Manufacturing to focus better on its military customers. It also allowed Silver Eagle to be considered a small business, making it more attractive to its government customers.

Silver Eagle has been in the manufacturing business for 70 years, and it has grown and evolved to a place its founder, Julius Gaussoin, might not recognize. However, he would immediately recognize the continued emphasis on innovation, safety, quality of design, and quality of manufacturing. You can see both the changes that have taken place, and the values that have grounded us, in the Mission Statement of the company.

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