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converter dollies


The T-Dolly is the first-ever dolly designed to improve fuel savings and handling performance automatically by tending to the gap between trailers. 

See why the T-Dolly was named one of the most innovative new products in the industry. 


Eagle Converter Dolly

The patented Eagle VA single-axle dolly provides superior ergonomics, reliability, on-highway performance and lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

falcon converter dolly

Our Falcon Dolly is a conventional single-axle converter dolly custom made to your specifications. It is available in Spring or Air Ride.

condor converter dolly

The Condor Tandem-Axle dolly is for heavy combination vehicles and features a hinged drawbar to reduce stress. Customizable to your specifications and available in in Spring or Air Ride.



Silver Eagle teamed up with Rytle, a German Company, to enhance productivity and produce a revolutionary new line of transportation logistics. 

The RYTLE system combines state-of-the-art technology and environmental protection for maximum flexibility in city logistics. 


l-watts trailer

A narrow Cargo Trailer designed for Jeep® and G-Wagon® class vehicles.

uav trailer

Based upon the Light Tactical Trailer (LTT), our UAV trailer is THE choice for several major UAV manufacturers.

5th Wheel Trailer FTT

Our Fifth-wheel Tactical Trailer (FTT) allows the HMMWV to tow 7,000 lbs. Our patented STABLE Coupling System assures Safety and Durability.

M1101 - M1102 cargo trailer

The original HMMWV Cargo Trailer designed by Silver Eagle.

Command Center Trailer

Silver Eagle has the Engineering and Manufacturing capability to mobilize your ideas. Give us a call.

Heavy Chassis LTT-HC

The chassis for the M1102 without the cargo body. Ad your own system, deck, etc, or let us custom engineer one to fit your application. GVWR 4,200 lbs.

LTT-F Light Tactical Flat Deck Trailer

Based upon the M1102 trailer, but with a flat deck for various integrations such as power generation, communications and shelters. GVWR 4,200 lbs.

Flatdeck Extended LTT – FE

Get an additional 34” of deck length over our LTT-F. GVWR 4,200 lbs.

Climate Regulated Cargo Trailer (CRCT)

With this rugged, air transportable and off-road proven trailer, climate regulated cargo can get in and out of severe environments.

mobile air traffic control

Specified for the Air Force F16 Thunderbird Squadron, the trailer was designed and manufactured to accommodate electronic transceiver equipment for field conditions.


This MTT Tandem Trailer has a maximum payload of 10,000 and payload design specifications ranging from generators to communication and satellite systems. It is shown with optional heavy landing legs and a diamond plate flat deck.

Solar Power Trailer

A custom solution to have deployable panels and energy storage housing mounted onto a HMMWV compatible trailer.


Small Package Trailers

These trailers are designed and manufactured by Silver Eagle based on unique customer requirements. They have torsion axles and electric brakes.

composite tanker

Incorporated with stainless steel straps to secure to chassis, this tanker provides safer and lower cost transportation for highly corrosive liquid chemicals.

mobile crane

Designed and fabricated chassis and hydraulic control assembly to enable installation of crane and fifth wheel table.

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